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ELEVATES EQUINE Lifetime Soundness System works on every horse regardless of age or discipline or performance level by activating four healing processes and its basis in six fundamental truths.

The Whys & How’s

  1. Restores the body to a healing state
  2. Restores the body to correct straightness and posture 
  3. Removes and addresses the source(s) of stress
  4. Retrains patterns of compensation

Fundamental Truths

    1. Everything starts as an energetic imbalance before it emerges as a physical problem. 

    2. Treating sources, not symptoms, is the key to effective, permanent healing.

    3. Pathologies move from the inside to the outside, from the top down and from back to front. 

    4. Structurally, the horse’s body is comprised of 90% muscle and 10% bone. Bones don’t move bones: muscles do. 

    5. Conformation and posture are not the same thing. In most cases, it’s a posture problem and that means it’s correctable and in a permanent way. 

    6. The key is combining energetic Eastern methods with Western veterinary approaches to physiological structures


Through Elevates Equine, you will learn that, physiologically, horses aren’t all that complicated. They exist in one of two modes: survival and healing. Fright, flight, fight, freeze or fidget dominate survival mode and anything other than the perceived threat is ignored by the body. Attempts to train, help or heal a horse are, at best, ineffective, because you’re working against the survival state. At worst and too often, these well-intentioned efforts aggravate an already stressed state. They’re ineffective or marginally effective at best, wasting money, time, effort and energy. 

Pain and stress come from one or all of three areas: physical/structural, nutritional/digestive and/or mental emotional. Just as in people, there are overlaps and domino effects between all three.

Starting with the structural, horses are naturally crooked 100 percent of the time, and pain and stress always start here.

Nutrition and digestion are equally important. Proper feed, pH balance, recovery after work, and a method for reducing and releasing toxins are essential for a sound body and mind.