Training Alone Is Never the Answer

Crookedness is the number one reason why horses are injured and reinjure themselves after lay-up, rest or most rehabilitative and surgical procedures; along with being a root cause of all pain and physical, digestive and psychological issues.

Straightness training does not correct natural crookedness and is temporary at best, except for when applied after proper body alignment and restoration of a correct and aligned posture.

“A conscious aware horseman who is in touch with their horse’s physical body is confident, safe and a master of horsemanship” ~Savannah

More, more, more of everything is our knee-jerk response to soundness and behavior issues in our horses. More training, harsher and more forceful methods, more drugs—all in the hope of calmer, safer horses. We’re trying to ease our fears, but instead we’re accelerating the cycle of stress and breakdown.