A Plot Twist

The point of the Lifetime Soundness System is predicting and preventing injury, stopping wear and tear and creating a sense of safety and confidence in you and your horses. 

The new happy ending is: peace of mind, solid and continual improvement, feeling good and pain-free – horses and humans. 

Unlimited performance peaks means consistent and predictable wins in the show ring and no more mysterious and expensive issues.

Elevates Equine rewrites this story: What we “know.” That each horse has a limited number of jumps, spins, stops, piaffes, rides, races, wins, etc. We do our best to prevent the “inevitable” wear and tear, but as expected, they still have major problems: colic, performance issues, mysterious lameness, injuries and general breakdown.

Elevates Equine is a plot twist to that story. 

Learn the Lifetime Soundness System and become the hero of this new tale.