Is Your Horse In Pain? Sometimes it’s Obvious & Sometimes It’s Not

Elevates Equine begins with the fact that horses are always naturally crooked 100% of the time and this always causes pain. Combining ancient wisdom with new awareness, the System also incorporates nutritional/digestive and mental/emotional health to address the roots of your horse’s well-being or primary causes of stress.

The System restores a horse’s natural posture and straightness thereby removing all physical stressors and pain. This puts the horse’s body in its natural healing state, and from there we can treat the source of physical and emotional issues. The result is permanent and continual healing and improvement, versus the temporary fixes of the ‘whack-a-mole’ process of treating symptoms. 

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“This is a fundamental system that every horse person should have as a basic understanding. We weave together the intricacies of anatomy, biomechanics, riding and horsemanship mastery into an easily understandable big picture. You will know and understand your horse in ways you never thought possible.” ~Savannah Aliy Jackson