Fear Is The Foe

Will horses hurt me? When will they get hurt? 

Elevates Equine shows you how to disarm these fears by: 

Predicting and preventing why horses hurt and pinpointing where they are in pain.  This enables partnership, open communication and most importantly confidence and empowerment as a horse owner and rider.

Pain Free Horses and Riders=Lifetime Soundness

No More Worry or Fear=Confidence & Peace of Mind

Our response to these two fears triggers force and dominance over partnership, listening and maintaining open communication. This dictates the tone of our relationship with our horses and positions us to be the cause of breakdown in their bodies and in our own.     

We are usually worrying about one or both of these questions. Always coming from a place of fear. This pattern affects our own horses and fuels heartbreaking trends regarding what happens to horses when conventional care and training options just don’t work out. Abuse, torturous training methods, abandonment and the slaughterhouse are the end of any path begun in fear.  We throwaway perfectly good and willing partners, just because we haven’t learned a better way.