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Come to Savannah Aly Jackson’s WHOLE HORSE WELLNESS Symposium. And Bring Your Horses.

Savannah offers 15-plus years of a proven system that will do all of the above and more. She travels educating passionate HORSEMAN AND WOMEN that there is ANOTHER WAY and teaches them How to Evaluate and Ultimately FIX and eliminate most of these reoccurring problems that drains your bank accounts and your love of horses.

She combines the best of many worlds so you will have your horse back, maybe even better then they have ever been. She is a lifetime Horsewoman who persistently followed her instincts that there must be a better way than the inevitable

Equine Gate apprentice testimonials

Greetings, Savannah! I hope this newsletter finds you well and blessed. I’ve taken the better part of this summer to process these testimonials and reviews from the students of the pioneer session of the Horse Prophet Equine Gate Apprentice Intensive while staying busy with 1 on 1 clients.

I must say that I am proud and humbled to share just a sampling of these testimonials and reviews with you, and I invite you to discover first hand for yourself and your horse what this training can change in your horse’s health and connection with you.

The next session for the Horse Prophet Equine Gate Apprentice Intensive training is starting in October – there are still a couple spaces available. Please keep an eye open for more information, including a Live Q&A Teleseminar in the coming days!

Tapping Into The Metaphysical

“When you are using these methods, it’s not just that physical side of it…it’s just as much, if not more, studying energy and intent, working on yourself to be in the right mindset energetically to do this work.”

“To learn how to better listen to a horse, to be taught skills that help me be a better communicator with a horse is something I have wanted for a long time. This course has helped me have the ability to apply to animals and in particular horses something very rare and special.”

Watch Damian explain more about what drew him to Savannah’s training here . 

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Real Time Results
“She has awesome releases, a blind man could see I was getting through to her! Lots of wrinkle nose followed by head tossing then followed by licking yawning. I’m sure there is an amazing horse there just trying to find her body!”

“The most profound thing that we’ve all seen is that the horse you end with is not the horse you start with…it’s astonishing, the difference between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ horse.”

Wanna get to know the pioneers of the Equine Gate Apprentice Intensive and hear them share their experiences?  Video here

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Money Well Spent
“I feel like the Equine Gate work is something practical and tangible I can have and build on for as long as I am around horses. It gives me a way to support myself financially and also a way to support my horse-junkie habit. My husband is so grateful! 

“Already, a big “R” judge, and manager of a major Midwest circuit of horse shows, has been to the farm, expressed an interest in two of my horses, and suggested sale prices that I would not have dreamed of prior to having learned the work, and performed treatments on the horses. This has been instrumental in the short-term business plan of Wonderfield Farm.”

Hear more insights and A-HA! moments from the students of the
Equine Gate Apprentice Intensive 
here. Want one more?

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In Horse Prophet’s recent ongoing survey, participants shared these statements. Savannah, where do you fit in here?
Biggest challenges:

  •   Inconsistent Performance
  •   Navicular
  •   Cushings/IR
  •   Laminitis

MOST report attempting to correct these with vet, diagnostic, chiropractic and nutrition. But with high expense financially, having it be constant maintenance and management with no reversal of the issue – just slowing the process down at best.
Everyone is unanimous about the massive expenses to themselves, their horses and families being money, emotional distress, energy, time, frustration and to the point of giving up or euthanasia.
Costs to the horses are pain (this was unanimous), distress, depression and death.
Everyone expressed EXTREME FRUSTRATION not much less than living HELL!
And everyone expressed their ability to continue in these ways are very, very limited due to money, time, energy output and seeing no end to the problem. Everyone was totally committed to wanting THE solution and to fix it, but expressed the dissatisfaction in the time being spent with their horses as nursemaids rather than riding performance.
Plus, everyone shared their desire to learn more about these areas – all of which are covered in the program and the lifetime membership.

  •   Anatomy
  •   Bio-mechanics
  •   Identifying and pinpointing lameness
  •   identifying areas where your horse(s) are in pain
  •   Energy Healing
  •   Muscle Testing
  •   Physiology
  •   Horse Psychology
  •   Animal Communication
  •   Professionalism with Horse Clients/Owners
  •   Business strategies and success
  •   Personal Development

What if there was NOTHING between you and your horses, except PURE health & connection? What if your horses’ recurring issues – laminitis, digestive problems, or emotional & behavioral problems – could be stopped and even reversed by using the Horse Prophet techniques?

Savannah Aliy Jackson & The Equine Gate Apprentice Intensives can help you learn these powerful tools to address every individual horse’s challenge & end issues such as these forever!

Savannah, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 1 hour personalized Discovery Session (limited availability – $150 value) for both of us to dig in and find out if this training will bring you and your horse to a broader and deeper level of health and connection!

Request one here, or just give me a call at 310.448.2274 and let’s chat.

Until next time, may the Universe guide you & your horse with grace & ease!

~Savannah Aliy Jackson

Reverse the Breakdown

I show Horse-Lovers, Horseman and Horsewomen how to stop and reverse the breakdown in their beloved equines resulting in: the most connection, and ease of riding and training than was ever possible or had been experienced consistently and predictably before; on safe, happy, athletic, winning, healthy, pain-free horses.

This is done by spending thousands less in every area of care and maintenance. Getting the best results out of current training/supplements/feed/therapies/vet care; preventing health and soundness problems quickly, simply, and making massive progress in every area of their horse human relationship; removing all resistance and creating a true partnership and rapport with FUN, passion, motivation and community.

Bringing forth love,

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