Savannah Aliy Jackson- Founder

Horse health and well-being are deeply personal issues for Savannah. The conventional system of caring for, treating and training horses is a flawed, broken and continually worsening path to a heartbreaking destination. It’s a place filled with horses stripped of their noble spirit, or worse, abused, neglected, thrown away and sent to slaughter. An overall loss of horsemanship and a disconnect from why we love working with horses accompany these trends.

Savannah developed Elevates Equine Lifetime Soundness System as the first step in stopping and reversing these disturbing trends.

She started her studies as a pre-veterinary student at Oregon State University, laying the foundation for developing her knowledge and skills as a holistic practitioner.     Savannah has trained elite equine and human athletes in all disciplines since 1994 and is happy to help horses of any age, size, background – from working ranch mounts to World Cup show jumpers, dressage horses and reiners. Clients refer to her as their “secret weapon” and the “missing link” in what previously had been a puzzle when it came to their horse’s performance, consistent wins, health, happiness and well-being.

Pain in her own body was another catalyst for Savannah’s journey. Using conventional methods as a trainer, she spent many years trying to force horses into alignment with riding aids. It was exhausting, very hard on her own body and, ultimately, not successful in any lasting way.  Her system of Riding in Release is based on following and allowing, rather than forcing and holding. As an important component of Equine Elevates Lifetime Soundness System, it’s a new way of riding that’s pain free for horse and rider. 

Savannah is grateful to be introducing Elevates Equine at a time when horse owners are seeking true and rewarding partnerships with their horses. It’s a much happier path for all and one that leads to success and peace of mind in every level of our life with horses.